English sounds

For a while, I taught the beginnings of English language to kids at the village school, as well as a couple of private students. I’m not trained to teach language, so I realised that the best thing I could pass on was not grammar, but pronunciation. I have something close to a BBC accent – a standard English sound, not a regional accent – so everyone agreed this was of some value.

Here’s one of the little scripts I wrote to help kids learn the various different ways you can spell the vowel sound <ai>. Complete nonsense, of course, but the kids liked them.

I spy with my little eye

As I lie by the Wye drinking nice dry white Rhine wine, a guy in a nylon tie comes by.

‘Hi! Can I buy you a Mai-Tai? You caught my eye. I’m Dai, by the way. Dai Bligh from the Tyne.’ The guy slapped his thigh.

I reply, wryly: “I’ll have a rye over ice…..”

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Along the same lines, here’s the A-D of Arabella’s Alphabet:

A is for Angel, for Archer and All

B is a Bicycle, Blue, Bat and Ball

C is for Cinema, Corkscrew and Chess

D is for Duckling and Darling and Dress

Here’s E-Z


About Arabella McIntyre-Brown

I'm a writer from West Sussex is southern England, but after 30 years of urban life in London and Liverpool, I now live in a remote village 1,000 metres up in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. My first book in Romania was published in November 2016: "Din Liverpool in Carpati: cum mi-am gasit fericirea în inima Transilvaniei". The English version, 'A stake in Transylvania' is out soon. I've also written (so far) four bilingual (En/Ro) children's books.
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