Recent books

Din Liverpool 3DDin Liverpool in Carpati (A stake in Transylvania)

The first book written in Romania, published by Editura ALL in 2016, is the story of why I came to live here, why I’ve stayed, and observations of village life, 1,000 metres up in the Carpathian Mountains. This one is the Romanian translation; the English edition should be out in 2018.

“The book is unlike anything I’ve read, full of emotion, in which the author puts her heart out for you, so it’s impossible not to be moved. And the language is so normal, alive, it’s like a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time and it tells you what she’s done.”



COVER dragoniDragoni pe cerul Londrei (Dragons over London

Published by Booklet Fiction, this is a bilingual (Ro/En) story for kids aged 10+. It tells the story of a Chinese dragon and a London mouse, through almost 1,000 years of the City’s history. Their adventure leads to a thrilling climax in present-day London which will have readers biting their fingernails.

“I would recommend this book for both girls and boys; parents, grandparents and teachers will find it an enjoyable story to share with youngsters; and if you’d like to see the Dragons in London today, you can.”


Floss cover StandaloneFloss catelusul pierdut (Floss the lost puppy)

A sweet story for kids aged 7+, based on what really happened in the village. Bilingual (Ro/En), this is for children starting to learn English (or English-speakers learning to speak Romanian). Published in November 2017 by Booklet Fiction.

“Floss has now joined the gang of my favorite books: Jaqueline Wilson’s Double Act and Clean Break, David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny and The Boy in the DressI think Floss the Lost Puppy is for all ages, whether you’re big or small, short or tall. I think it is for girls and boys as well. And if you want your child to read books, start with this one (they’ll love it!).”


Dalia cover.jpgDalia si micii detectivi (Dahlia’s pet detectives)

Launched at Bucharest Bookfest on 1st June 2018 (children’s day), Dalia and her team are the latest arrivals in my steadily growing shelf of books about children. Bilingual, with a page in English and a page in Romanian, this is another good tool for language learning: Romanians learning English, and English-speakers learning Romanian.

Dalia and her team of tecs solve eight mini-mysteries in the village of Fân, high in the mountains of Transylvania. Along the way they learn about themselves and get a few life lessons, too. A sweet and entertaining book for 7 year olds and upwards.

Read a little more about the book in May’s edition of OZB magazine.