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Editing and polishing

How confident are you about your written English? It has become the global language of business, and much else. It is fast becoming the first-choice second language around the world, and young people going into business, media and public life often see English … Continue reading


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English sounds

For a while, I taught the beginnings of English language to kids at the village school, as well as a couple of private students. I’m not trained to teach language, so I realised that the best thing I could pass … Continue reading

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Culture is a movable feast

Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 for the Free Thinking Festival in 2008 The truth depends on where you’re standing, and when. Culture changes, from year to year and from place to place. Attitudes in one postcode can be markedly different to those … Continue reading

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Sex and death in the afternoon

Over the weekend I watched a feature length spectacle of romance and murder – live, right in front of me. This was X-rated stuff; all hearts and flowers for an hour, then a short and violent sex scene, with a chilling … Continue reading

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